Introducing Votan's Certification and Labeling Solution

Welcome to Votan's Certification and Labeling Solution – your gateway to showcasing your commitment to sustainability and transparency through trusted certifications and labels. Explore how Votan's innovative platform enables businesses to apply new certifications and labels seamlessly, empowering them to communicate their environmental efforts effectively to consumers and stakeholders.

Stand Out in the Market with Votan's Certification and Labeling Solution

Ready to differentiate your products in the marketplace and build trust with environmentally conscious consumers? Votan's Certification and Labeling Solution offers a simple yet powerful way to apply new certifications and labels that highlight your sustainability initiatives and set you apart from the competition.

Guaranteed Transparency and Credibility with Votan's Certification and Labeling Solution

Backed by industry-leading standards and validation from reputable institutions, Votan's Certification and Labeling Solution gives you the confidence to communicate your environmental credentials accurately and transparently. Join the growing number of businesses who are leveraging Votan to showcase their sustainability leadership and drive positive change.

Drive Trust and Loyalty with Sustainability Certifications

Imagine a procurement process that not only saves you time and money but also reduces your carbon footprint and enhances your brand's reputation for sustainability. Votan's Smart Procurement solution makes this vision a reality, empowering you to make smarter, greener purchasing decisions at every step of the supply chain.

Votan Features

Why Votan?

  • Enhance Brand Credibility

    Differentiate your products in the market by showcasing trusted certifications and labels that demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and quality.

  • Increase Consumer Trust

    Build trust and loyalty among environmentally conscious consumers by providing clear and transparent information about your products' environmental impact.

  • Drive Purchase Decisions

    Influence consumer behavior and drive sales by leveraging certifications and labels that resonate with their values and preferences.

  • Navigate Regulatory Requirements

    Stay compliant with evolving regulatory requirements and industry standards by applying relevant certifications and labels to your products.

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Unmatched Ease and Versatility in Sustainability Certification

What sets Votan's Certification and Labeling Solution apart is its user-friendly interface, seamless integration with existing product data, and access to a wide range of recognized certifications and labels. With Votan, you have everything you need to showcase your sustainability efforts and communicate effectively with consumers and stakeholders.

Trusted by Leading Organizations

Trusted by leading brands and validated by industry experts, Votan's Certification and Labeling Solution offers credibility, reliability, and proven results in sustainability communication. Join the ranks of businesses who have chosen Votan as their preferred platform for transparent and trustworthy certification and labeling.


Key Features that
Empower Your Sustainability Journey

Certification Application

Easily apply recognized certifications and labels to your products with a few simple clicks, saving time and resources. Import existing certificates or labels if you have any.

Integration with Product Data

Seamlessly integrate certification and labeling information with your existing product data to ensure accuracy and consistency. Your certificates can be embedded in your product profiles, which will be interactive for any consumer visiting the profile.

Customization Options

Tailor certifications and labels to meet your specific branding and communication needs, ensuring a cohesive and compelling message.

Compliance Monitoring

Stay informed about changes in regulatory requirements and industry standards, ensuring ongoing compliance and credibility. Certificates obtained through Votan partner network will be 100% traceable and verifiable.

Tell Your Sustainability Story with Votan

With Votan's Certification and Labeling Solution, you're not just applying certifications and labels – you're telling a powerful story about your commitment to sustainability and transparency. Join us in our mission to empower businesses to communicate their environmental efforts effectively and drive positive change in the world.

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Case Studies

Explore Case Studies and Testimonials

Explore case studies and testimonials from businesses like yours who have achieved success with Votan's Certification and Labeling Solution. See firsthand how our platform is helping brands and manufacturers communicate their sustainability efforts effectively and drive positive impact in their industries.

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The Spice Market Shakeup: Rising Above with Votan DPPs

The spice industry faces a crisis of consumer confidence. The recent discovery of a carcinogen (ethylene oxide) in popular brands like MDH and Everest shattered trust. This case study explores the rise of fake and mislabeled spices, the limitations of current verification methods, and how Votan Digital Product Passports (DPPs), offer a secure and transparent solution for brands to rebuild trust an...

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Protein Market Crisis

Rebuilding Trust and Muscle in the Indian Protein Powder Market with Votan DPPs

The Indian protein supplement market has been shaken by a recent study revealing significant discrepancies in the quality and safety of popular protein powders.The Indian protein powder market, fueled by a growing health and fitness consciousness, has witnessed significant expansion in recent years. However, this growth trajectory has been disrupted by a recent study published in the esteemed jour...

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Benefits of Carbon Footprint Measurement for your business

Carbon footprint reporting quantifies the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by your entire operation. This includes the energy you consume to power your facilities, the transportation emissions associated with your products, the waste generated during production, and even the emissions associated with employee commutes.

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