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In today's era of conscious consumerism, transparency is key to building trust and loyalty. Let's explore how Digital Product Passports revolutionize the way businesses showcase their sustainability efforts and empower consumers with actionable insights.

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What sets Digital Product Passports apart is their comprehensive and customizable nature. Whether you're a small boutique or a global brand, Digital Product Passports adapt to your needs, providing a tailored solution for transparent product disclosures

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Vendor Onramp

Invite suppliers and vendors onto the platform with our Vendor Onramp feature, enabling better analytics and predictive insights for emissions reduction.

Climate-Conscious Decision Making

Make informed decisions with Launchpad's climate-conscious decision-making tools, facilitating smart procurement and emissions reduction strategies.

Site-Level Monitoring

Monitor multiple sites from a single system, generate site-level reports, identify emissions hotspots, and strategize reduction plans with Launchpad's intuitive interface.

Support for Non-GHG Activities Tracking

Track non-GHG activities such as water, wastewater, chemicals, and waste to enrich ESG and Higg Index reporting, enhancing your sustainability performance.


Customize Launchpad to meet your unique requirements, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to your sustainability goals and objectives.

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  • Consumers are increasingly willing to pay extra for sustainable brands.

  • Brands pressure on supply chains is mounting, with upcoming GHG regulations.

  • Sustainability leads to better financial performance and decreases investment risks.

  • Understanding carbon taxes and regulations helps avoids penalties and disruptions.

  • Highlighting sustainability also helps you attract and retain top talent.

  • Investing in sustainability now now can secure your future.