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Showcase your transformative journey towards sustainability by partnering with Votan Ventures. Our comprehensive solutions and expert guidance will empower you to navigate the complexities of carbon management, drive meaningful reductions in emissions, and build a more sustainable future for your business and the planet.

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Showcase sustainability efforts, traceable products & profiles, gain recognition, and save costs in the process

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  • Transparent Disclosure

    : Reveal your organization's carbon emissions data on a dedicated platform.

  • Recognition and Trust

    Earn recognition for your sustainability efforts, building trust with stakeholders, investors, and customers through credible disclosures.

  • Cost Savings:

    Cut significant expenses on sustainability reporting with Votan's affordable and user-friendly platform, making sustainability efforts accessible to businesses of all sizes.

  • Business Opportunities

    Explore potential partnerships and collaborations by searching and filtering companies based on their sustainability efforts and initiatives on the GDP.

  • Efficient Procurement

    Simplify your procurement process by requesting quotations directly from companies listed on the GDP, supporting sustainable businesses and initiatives.

  • Blockchain Traceability

    Utilize blockchain technology to convert your sustainability reports, eco-labels, and product information into traceable NFTs, ensuring transparency and authenticity in your sustainability disclosures.

  • Scoring and Recognition

    Receive scores and recognition for your sustainability efforts on the GDP, enabling you to benchmark your performance and showcase achievements to stakeholders and investors.