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Background ImageVotan's Carbon Emission Tracking and Offsetting Platform

Backed by advanced algorithms

Launchpad provides accurate and comprehensive insights into your carbon emissions across various business activities. With over 170,000 datasets, our database ensures up-to-date emissions factors for precise reporting.


Harnessing over 170,000 datasets, Votan ensures accurate and up-to-date emissions factors for comprehensive sustainability reporting.

ISO and GRI standards

Adhering to ISO and GRI standards, our reporting is globally recognized, ensuring credibility and compatibility.

Partnerships & Validation

Validated by partnership with esteemed institutions like AIC, T-Hub, Nasscom, IIT, BIMTECH, and international Blockchain partners, Votan is trusted and proven.

Perks & Benefits

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Vendor Onramp

Invite suppliers and vendors onto the platform with our Vendor Onramp feature, enabling better analytics and predictive insights for emissions reduction.

Climate-Conscious Decision Making

Make informed decisions with Launchpad's climate-conscious decision-making tools, facilitating smart procurement and emissions reduction strategies.

Site-Level Monitoring

Monitor multiple sites from a single system, generate site-level reports, identify emissions hotspots, and strategize reduction plans with Launchpad's intuitive interface.

Support for Non-GHG Activities Tracking

Track non-GHG activities such as water, wastewater, chemicals, and waste to enrich ESG and Higg Index reporting, enhancing your sustainability performance.


Customize Launchpad to meet your unique requirements, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to your sustainability goals and objectives.

Prioritize sustainability so that others prioritize you

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Indian Emission Database

Access updated datasets specifically tailored for the Indian emission database, ensuring accurate and relevant reporting for your operations.

Data Verification

With sources for every dataset, we can validate and verify the accuracy of our data, providing confidence and trust in your sustainability reporting.

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Discover How Votan's Launchpad Revolutionizes Transparency and Accountability

Predictive Analytics

Non-GHG Activities Tracking


Certification Integration

Carbon Offsets & Reductions

Climate Consultation

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Tailored Solutions for Your Industry

Effortless Emission Control

The Carbon Calculation Launchpad simplifies the daunting task of carbon calculations by providing advanced AI guidance and an intuitive onboarding assistant. Through step-by-step instructions and seamless integration, it streamlines the process, eliminating complexity and confusion. Whether you're a government agency, city planner, or property manager, we offer certified satellite-based measurements to ensure accuracy and compliance, making your journey towards emission control effortless and efficient.

AI Guidance

Onboarding Assistant

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Perks & Benefits

Experience the Votan Advantage

Boost Product Sales

Votan's Digital Product Passports enable you to build trust with consumers with verifiable product claims

Purchase Authentication

Let your consumers verify their recent purchases with a QR Scan or tap, help them identify if their purchase is a genuine product or a counterfeit

Climate Impact Management

Measure your climate impact and easily generate comprehensive reports, saving you valuable time and effort.

Affordable Solutions

With Votan, you'll enjoy budget-friendly solutions that empower you to achieve your sustainability goals without breaking the bank.

Enhanced Visibility

Get the recognition you deserve for your sustainability efforts. Showcase your journey on our Global Disclosure Portal (GDP) and stand out among competitors, investors, and customers.

Time and Resource Savings

Streamline your sustainability processes and free up valuable time and resources. Votan's user-friendly platform simplifies complex tasks, allowing you to focus on driving meaningful change.